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Devastating Love Affaies


… Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world, and has departed for Thessalonica …    2 Timothy 4:10


There is more than one type of love affair. Some love affairs are of God—and they are a blessing from God. Some love affairs are of the world—and they are devastating. The love affair that Demas had was devastating.


In Paul’s report to Timothy about Demas, he gave no details. He simply and sadly stated that Demas loved this present world and had fled to Thessalonica. So we can only wonder what this present world was offering Demas that drew him away from service with Paul to Thessalonica.


Perhaps Paul’s use of the word “present” indicates that the attraction could have been the safety of being out of Rome and away from the Christian movement. Possibly, he met some group in Thessalonica whose lifestyle was one of physical gratification and they were fun to be with. Possibly, there were financial attractions in Thessalonica that drew Demas. We just do not know.


We do know some of the devastation Demas brought on himself as a result of his love affair with the world.


Demas sacrificed the privilege of an intimate fellowship with the greatest Christian of his time—perhaps of all time. He gave up fellowship with other important leaders in the Christian movement. Paul states in Colossians 4:14 that Luke and Demas send greetings and in Philemon 1:23-24 he writes, “Epaphras, my fellow prisoner in Christ Jesus, sends you greeting and so do Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and Luke, my fellow workers. Demas also traded an excellent reputation—a fellow laborer with Paul—for a love affair that has scarred his reputation throughout the centuries. All who have read the book of 2 Timothy know about Demas and his love affair with the world.


In 2 Peter 1:4 and 2:10, Peter writes about those who have “escaped the corruption that is of the world.” In addition to the losses mentioned above Demas embraced a life that leads to corruption. And so it is with all who have a love affair with the world.


In experiencing our union with Christ, we experience our spiritual crucifixion to the world (Galatians 6:14) and we escape from the high price such a love affair produces.