Living by Grace

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Raised on Sunday

… He rose early on the first day of the week … Mark 16:9

A young black pastor was being interviewed over the radio. His sincerity was clearly obvious. The host of the program said, “What is the greatest sermon you have ever heard. He told of an event in which he had participated on a Friday before an Easter Sunday.

He said that he was one of the speakers at this special service. On the platform of speakers he was seated next to an older pastor who also was to preach.

When it came time for the younger man to speak, he went to the pulpit. Then he did everything he knew to preach a moving sermon. Among other things, he wanted to impress the older pastor.

Following his sermon, he returned to his chair next to the older preacher who said to him, “You did pretty good, but wait until I get up there.”

When it came time for the older pastor to speak, he walked slowly to the pulpit and for a few seconds stood there in silence. Then in a very low voice he said, “Today is Friday, but Sunday’s coming.”

He paused and then said again, “Today is Friday, but Sunday’s coming.” With a little more volume he said the same words a third time.

By now some of the people were getting the message of his words. Friday was the day of the Lord’s crucifixion but Sunday was the day God raised him from the dead.

The next time the preacher said, “Today is Friday, but Sunday’s coming,” a few people said the words with him.

When he said it again more people joined him. In a matter of minutes every person in the room was saying with him with increasing volume, “Today is Friday, but Sunday’s coming.”

An increasing spirit of joy and victory filled the building as they continued for a period of 40 minutes saying those few words.