Living by Grace

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Those Who Sow

And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. For in this the saying is true: One sows and another reaps.      John 4:36-37

This statement of Jesus is in the context of the woman at the well bringing others to salvation in Christ. Sowing is as much a part of evangelism as the reaping. We can sow in different ways.

On a college campus, a new believer in Jesus stopped a friend and told him about his salvation experience. He told him that 4 students were responsible for his salvation. The fourth name was that of the student he was talking to. The one hearing his own name was thrilled but shocked. He had never one time talked to his fellow student about his need of Christ. On the job, in the neighborhood, in the family any believer can sow by demonstrating what a born again person is like.

Of course, one is also a sower when he tells the unsaved person how to be saved. A church member told her pastor about her husband and his need of salvation. The pastor visited the man to share the message of Jesus. The man was wealthy, successful in business but not friendly to Christians. However, the pastor was graciously received. He witnessed to the man. He left the man a tract on how to be saved. He visited him several other times to talk about the man’s salvation. In time, the gentleman moved to another town where another person led him to Christ. When hearing that, the pastor rejoiced.

We can sow by distributing tracts. Many come to Christ by reading a tract on how to be saved.

Admittedly, sowing is not as exciting as reaping. Sowing, though, is as important as reaping. If the Holy Spirit uses you mostly as a sower and only occasionally as a reaper, rejoice. God has given you a place in the advancement of the Kingdom and in the conversion of the lost that are desperately in need of salvation.