Living by Grace

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Why Is Faith So Difficult?

… without faith it is impossible to please Him …

Years ago a popular statement among believers went like this: “Let go and let God.” Many thought it was one of the finest and most challenging things they had heard.

Some thought, “I would love to let go and let God, but how do you do it?”

How often have you sensed that you just can’t let go and let God? Perhaps it seems that your life is not characterized by faith but by things like fear, worry, anxiety, and depression.

There is hope for all of us. First, we must know that we cannot have faith in someone we do not fully understand. Amazingly, we can be the children of God while having little knowledge of what He really is like.

One deals with that lack of understanding in two ways. Let the mind be saturated with the word of God. Read the Scriptures. And spend time alone with God.

There is as second thing we must know if we are to move in the direction of a peaceful faith in God. The natural tendency of all of us is to trust ourselves. And a person cannot trust himself and God at the same time.

When we obey the five commands of Romans 6:11-13, step-by-step God will deliver us from faith in ourselves—opening the door for us to live a life of trust in Him.