Living by Grace

Dedicated to providing guidance in daily living through the power of God's grace as experienced in our union with Christ.

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David Kuykendall was a graduate of Decatur Baptist College, Hardin-Simmons University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Early in his ministry he served Texas churches in Montague, Stamford, Fort Worth, Alvord, McKinney and Greenville and in Beloit, Wisconsin.

He was pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Oak Cliff in Dallas for 27 years, leading the church to reach its urban neighborhood and teaching about living an abundant life through God's grace. After retirement, he served at Royal Haven, Wynnewood and Kessler Park Baptist churches in Dallas. He wrote weekly devotions and several books on how to have a relationship in union with Christ and living by grace. These books are available on this web site.

David and his wife Janie were the parents of four children and had served several churches as pastor. Yet David knew there was a quality of the Christian life he had not experienced since he was a teenager.

Twenty-three years of prayer for that quality of life had not brought the change he longed for. In deep despair he began to ask God to kill him if He could not change him.

In a matter of a few days God began answering His prayer for change. He answered that prayer by teaching Him the New Testament "union in Christ" message. From the day he first saw the basic truth of his union in Christ and how it led to a life of living by grace, changes in his life began.

He knew immediately that what God had shown him was the message needed by his fellow believers. He began immediately sharing the message. Other than his wife, few responded.

Eight years later, in 1979, the Lord began opening the eyes of those he shared the message with. In time the Lord led in the writing of books that had a relatively wide distribution. Testimonies were given of lives changed.

At Kuykendall’s retirement from the pastorate the Lord led in the continuing of the spread of this message through the formation of David Kuykendall Ministries, Inc.

David Kuykendall Ministries, Inc., begun by David and two friends for the purpose of spreading the "union with Christ” message of the New Testament, was recognized as a corporation by the state of Texas in 1997 and as a non-profit corporation by the IRS in 1998.

The Lord has confirmed the creation of the corporation by giving an even wider spread of the message of living by grace.

David Kuykendall passed from this life to the next on July 17, 2014 at the age of 84.  David was very certain about his future with Jesus and completely unafraid.  He is now fully living the union with Christ he always taught.

You may listen to an audio recording of David's memorial service, held August 3, 2014 - here.

In the weeks prior to his passing, David was encouraged by the board of the organization he founded, Living By Grace.  They made it clear his books, devotionals and website, that have helped so many thousands live by grace, will continue and expand. Just as David’s life encouraged us, he was so grateful for the way God is at work in those who have received the message of Living by Grace and prayed for you often.