Audio Files

Some of David Kuykendall's teachings on the Life of Grace have been recorded. Mike Holman has converted these audio recordings to MP3 files and made them available to Living By Grace. We have placed these files on this web site for your use.

Audio Files

available on-line in MP3 format


Each file can be accessed by clicking on the title.

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David Kuykendall's new audio series

Daily Experiencing the Abundant Life

It is divided into five parts.

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4        Part 5

The first series presented in audio is Here's Life.

It is divided into nine sessions.

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

Part 4        Part 5        Part 6

Part 7        Part 8        Part 9

The second series presented in audio is Oneness In Christ.

It is divided into chapter sessions.

Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4

Chapter 5        Chapter 6        Chapter 7        Chapter 8

Chapter 9        Chapter 10        Chapter 11        Chapter 12

Chapter 13        Chapter 14        Chapter 15        Chapter 16

Chapter 17        Chapter 18        Chapter 19

Here is an audio recording about choices we have.