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Our Oneness With Christ

This first volume is a study in living by grace through faith. It is not simply another book on the theme of "union with Christ" - it probes into new, fresh areas of thought and understanding of this grand theme. The basic sin problem is presented as one of a "know-it-all attitude at the point of decision making." Coming to an understanding of our basic sin problem is one of the vital keys to a victorious Christian life! 

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Personal Testimony

Part 2 - Doctrinal Foundations

  • Adam, A Figure of Christ
  • Baptized Into Oneness With Christ
  • Reckoning on Oneness With Christ
  • What Part Does the Believer's "Will" Play?
  • Christ In You - Christ Our Life
  • Walking In the Spirit

Part 3 - Changes We Can Expect

  • Changed by Deliverance From the Power of Sin
  • Changed by Walking in the Spirit
  • Changed by Enthroned Living

Part 4 - Practical Considerations

  • Continue to Seek Light From the Lord
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Some Necessary Warnings
  • Suggestions For Reading
  • Growth in the Experience of Union With Christ